What sizes do you have?
We have a wide variety of storage units, including 5x5, 5x10, 10x10, 10x15, and 10x20 sizes. However availability may vary so please call for information on available units.

How do I decide how much space to rent?
Stopping by to view sizes is very helpful when deciding on a space. We are happy show you options, discuss your storage needs and recommend a size. Storage units can hold everything from those few extra boxes to an entire 3-bedroom house.

What kind of vehicle storage is available?
RVs, boats, cars, trucks, utility trailers and other vehicles can be stored in an outside parking space at JB Mini Storage. A variety of large and small spaces are available with wide driveways and plenty of turn around room. Small cars, trucks, trailers, motorcycles and quads can also be stored inside a storage unit.

Are rentals month-to-month?
Yes, all rentals are month-to-month so there are no long-term contracts or commitments.

Do you have heated or climate-controlled storage?
No, however units at JB Mini Storage are insulated on the ceilings. Also, many units are located in buildings, down hallways and are surrounded by other units. Interior units provide additional protection from the elements.

What are your gate hours?
Gate hours at JB Mini Storage are 6 AM – 9 PM, 7 days a week. Harrisburg Storage gate hours are 8 AM – 9 PM, 7 days a week.

What are your office hours?
For assistance at Harrisburg Storage or JB Mini Storage, please visit our office located at JB Mini Storage. Office hours are 9:00am-5:00pm Mon-Fri and 9:00am-4:00pm Sat, and closed on Sunday. Occasionally the manager is away from the office during office hours, so please call ahead for an appointment.

Your gate is shut, how do I get in?
Please push the black intercom button once to ring the office. That will buzz us and we can speak with you and let you in. Or you may call us on your cell phone to be let in. Customers who rent are given a gate access code to enter on the keypad.

Do you provide security?
Yes, both JB Mini Storage and Harrisburg Storage have fences, gates and night lighting for security. Additionally, JB has a live-in, resident manager, computer-controlled gate access, and video surveillance.

How much notice do I need to give to move out?
While we appreciate advance notice, it is not required. Please notify us the day you vacate, as soon as your unit is empty, swept and your lock has been removed.

Do you offer help moving or unloading?
We are unable to provide moving or unloading help, however we can refer you to individuals and companies that provide this service.

How can I make a payment?
Payments may be made in person at the JB Mini Storage office during the following office hours: 9:00am-5:00pm Mon-Fri and 9:00am-4:00pm Sat. Checks can be mailed or dropped through the mail slots at both the JB and Harrisburg Storage offices anytime during gate hours. Payments may be made online on this website or over the phone with a credit card. Automatic billing is also available.